The deeply historic city of Charleston is a place of large-scale wonders and small-town charm; offering a slice of history and a friendly smile with every turn of the cobblestone streets.Read More
There’s something enchanting about strolling along the palmetto-line sidewalks, passing 18th century architecture unparalleled by modern attempts, and listening to the sounds of horse-drawn carriages rambling along their way. Where church steeples sweep the skyline and Civil War stories still echo the streets, this old-world town has managed to lay claim to some of this cutting-edge country’s best dining, shopping, and craftsmanship; all nestled within the few square miles of what locals call ‘the Peninsula.’For the last three years, this quiet coastal area has been ranked the “#1 City in the United States” by Conde Nast Traveler and holds strong as the only city in the country to be voted onto the magazine’s “Best Cities in the World” list, taking the #5 spot. Whether it’s the historical value being so meticulously preserved; the narrow streets brimming with shops, galleries, and local artists; or the sheer yet profound beauty of a place that transcends the imagination — Charleston has something to enlighten every soul.Just a short 25 miles from Kiawah & Seabrook Islands, the leisurely drive through the live oak trees dripping with Spanish moss is a more of a treasure than an endeavor. With such a wondrous place just a quick drive away, it’s hard to find an excuse not to indulge in the celebrated glory of this magnificent city.